Babyology exclusive – the fortnightly disposable nappy is almost here!

It’s the world first destined to be every parent’s must-have – a disposable nappy that only needs to be changed once every two weeks.

It’s being hailed as the most exciting innovation in the global nappy market since the CSIRO developed the 3D UltraAbsorb functional and aesthetic nonwoven nappy liner in 2010. In a triumph not only for tired parents everywhere, but also for the environment, US-based scientists have adapted the necessary technology – previously used in long-life contact lenses – to produce the world’s first fortnightly disposable nappy.

The EvaporSolve™ technology will be used in a new range of disposable nappies for US company Peedee and also made into inserts for reusable nappies. Peedee announced this week that the nappies will go into production early next year, and that they hope to distribute them worldwide.

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A prototype nappy released for testing has shown that Peedee’s remarkable new nappy will last up to two weeks by absorbing and dissolving the equivalent of 10 nappy changes a day. EvaporSolve™ uses micro-crystals that are placed inside the nappy’s lining without adding extra bulk.

The material has been developed and tested over the last nine years and has proven to wick away moisture and speed evaporation so even the most explosive nappies no longer need to be changed regularly. The new technology swiftly absorbs and dissolves everything it comes in contact with, keeping your baby dry for up to two weeks.

We can only imagine the difference this is going to make to the parenting landscape. No more middle of the night nappy changes. No more poo explosions! Best of all, early price estimates reveal that they will only be slightly more expensive than packs of disposable nappies currently available on the market.

The nappies will be available to purchase in packs of 20 or 50 with the liners for reusable nappies available in packs of 80.

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Peedee’s inhouse scientist, Dr Sascha Swinton, says the exciting development is a remarkable step forward for tired parents.

“As a working mum, I know how hard it is for parents to find the time to do everything that needs to be done,” Dr Swinton told Babyology. “Changing nappies is one of those annoying tasks, that when you add it up over the months, actually sucks up so much parental time. In the first two years of a child’s life, a parent will spend the equivalent of six-and-a-half months changing nappies. Six-and-a-half months!

“Imagine what else you could do with that time.”

The nappies will be available in versions for boys and girls, with the micro-crystals concentrated in the area of the nappy most likely to get wet.

Transparency Market Research reveals that the global market for baby nappies is expected to rise by 46.6 per cent from 2011 to reach a market size worth US$52.2 billion in 2017.

Peedee is also working on other inventions for parents, including a dummy that plays a soothing lullaby inside the baby’s head when sucked to help them drift off to sleep, and a mobile device that parents can take to parties and playdates to detect traces of sugar in food offered to their kids.

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