Babyology exclusive – stunning Salt Water Sandals arrive in Australia

I got a new pair of sandals like these every year as a child, so my heart goes all gooey seeing them again. I remember the excitement of having a new pair and looking down at them through my child eyes while wriggling my toes with glee.

Salt Water Sandals are a true childhood design classic, with hardy woven leather which can even be worn in the water at the beach (hence the name)! Your child’s foot will outgrow them well before these sandals kick the bucket. Celebs have embraced in droves the old-style simplicity of the designs, which add retro appeal to any outfit. The Hoy Shoe Company in St Louis has been making these beauties for the last sixty years so they sure have stood the test of time – imagine just how many children have worn these over the years!

It’s a great day when we bring you details of exclusive releases to Australia and we know how wholeheartedly Babyologists will re-embrace this iconic footwear for kids. Kido Store has the very first pairs to arrive in the country! With solid brass buckles and durable all-leather uppers, Salt Water soles are flexible to suit the needs of active children. Kido are stocking white, tan, light blue, red and pink and they are available now for $65.

Now if you find yourself being extremely jealous of your little ones’ footwear, the awesome news is that you can buy them in women’s sizes! Talk to the team at Pulp – who have just opened a Manly store – about acquiring a pair!

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