Babyology Exclusive – Pastel Toys coming soon


I wanted to share some exclusive news with you. Looie over at Plush Toys in New Zealand has given Babyology the heads up on Pastel Toys, letting us know they are finally coming to the Southern Hemisphere. This is very exciting and I’ll tell you why.

I first heard of Israeli Pastel Toys about two years ago when my little girl was just a crawling baby. I admired the toys for various reasons including the high quality finish and the nostalgic design which reminded me of my own childhood toys. The way in which each toy has been produced is also admirable.

They are created in a village that has been established for adults with special needs and within this community Pastel Toys, a non-profit organisation, has provided work allowing residents to acquire skills in various areas and ensuring the welfare of each individual. Each toy is completely hand made, given a pastel coloured coat of paint and then hand worked to appear to have an aged patina, a result of many years of play.

After discovering them, I promptly wanted to secure one for my daughter but had a very hard time trying to get a toy posted to Australia, so I gave up. Alas, those days are over as Plush Toys in New Zealand just started stocking them and ships here! They have a wide range available including cars, a helicopter, trucks with blocks and cute giraffes. They are all on wheels, and we all know how much our children love any sort of wheeled toy.

Head to Plush Toys to purchase one of these heirloom quality toys. Prices start at NZ$56 plus shipping to Australia.They arrive in approximately 6 weeks so work out which one you want to buy and contact Plush Toys to put in your order.


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