Babyology Exclusive – Mister Mista does Halloween plus a special offer!

We do halloween big time in our house and with two boys about, I just know how much they’d each love these new t-shirts to celebrate the occasion! Mister Mista is renowned for its uber-cool gear which targets the young set who can no longer abide the little kid stuff they were into just a few years ago.

They’re the tweens of the house and only the coolest street gear will do. Parents of such creatures who wonder if their children have sudden onset teenage syndrome can search no more for that perfect Halloween attire. Meet the new guy on the block; Muke:

Muke is a shy old monster who is rarely seen… but he has been sighted numerous times… always on Halloween! This is because he can’t resist sugar in the form of lollies and candy.

The only problem is the more he eats, the more he begins to glow-in-the-dark. Which makes his hidden hermit existence a little difficult… when this happens he likes to disguise himself as a chinese lantern but last year he sneezed on himself and everyone thought he was the boogy monster.

Find out more about Muke on the special tag the t-shirt comes with and watch the fun that ensues from having a tee that glows in the dark! Just for Babyologists, Mister Mista is offering 10 per cent off (on this special landing page just for you); Muke is now $26.95 just in time for Halloween!

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