Babyology Exclusive – BubCap for iPad and iPhone comes to Australia

Parents of babies and toddlers will know all too well the frustration it causes when baby hits the home key of your iPad, iPhone or other device. A lovely settled time can quickly turn into tantrum central! We’ve got just the product to ensure the calm continues when they have said device in hand.

It’s an adhesive cover for those pesky home buttons which just get in the way of good fun for an unwitting baby or toddler too young to grasp its purpose. I’ll never forget when my toddler accidentally rang a work contact a few years back while using my iPhone – a little bit embarrassing for me as he descended into screaming when I realised and took it from him, having to explain to the poor puzzled person at the other end. It was only a matter of time until someone decided to make the BubCap! Too late for me, but not for you.

The BubCap covers are available in several thicknesses to deter babies, toddlers and even older children from using the home button, yet still be accessible to an adult who needs to use it. The Regular model will do for babies while the Ultra version will be good for those stronger toddlers. The Max model will stop even stronger older kids from hitting that button!

The great news is that BubCap has just launched in Australia – this week in fact – and we are the first to tell you about it! Packs start at $6.99 including post, from BubCap.

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