Babyologists reveal the funniest reasons their children chucked a wobbly

My three-year-old tantrums. Sometimes several times a day. And sometimes for completely irrational reasons. And that got me thinking that perhaps yours do to. So we asked why your kids spit the dummy, you answered and were absolutely floored by the results. Here they are!

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Last month we brought you a story – it was about my daughter who has entered that lovely stage in life affectionately known as being a “threenager”. After a particularly bad day, I wrote down all the things that had set her off. I ended up with 44 different outbursts, which ranged from a simple scowl to a full blown tantrum. That’s right, 44. In one day.

The Internet responded. As we browsed through the thousands of comments on our own Babyology Facebook page, it became clear that our readers understand these outbursts all too well. And they had their own to share.

So, to our amazing Babyologists, thank you. You have given me the encouragement I hoped for in knowing I am not entirely alone in raising a threenager, the laughter I needed after a very bad day, and the inspiration I required to write this second, equally-as-entertaining version.


Here are our absolutely favourite completely rational reasons why our own Babyology readers tantrumed.

  • I brought a new car (for me) and it didn’t have Barbies painted on the side. Not. Even. Joking.
  • Because her shadow didn’t have any colour.
  • Because the milk I was buying was too white!
  • Because I wouldn’t let him throw my wooden spoon into the bin.
  • Because he was asked to use the toilet, he likes to wee in the backyard naked, rain, hail or shine!
  • Because I turned the light off.
  • Because she didn’t want chicken nuggets, she just wanted normal nuggets.
  • Because the blanket on her bed isn’t straight, the blanket on her bed is straight but isn’t at the bottom, the blanket on the bed is straight and at the bottom but the princess pillow is slightly off-centre….
  • Because her pink sunglasses didn’t go with her grey and pink boots!
  • Because our new house has a grey roof – she wanted yellow like Emma Wiggle.
  • Because he was playing ‘bands’ and the dog wouldn’t take the microphone and be the singer.
  • Because I peeled the banana too much.
  • Because I wouldn’t let him get in the dishwasher.
  • Because he put the lid on something and couldn’t get it off.
  • Because Master 4 was adamant the car we have isn’t our car. Despite the key working, his toys and raincoat being on the seat and Nanna already sitting in the car, he was not buying it.
  • Because we lit the candle on his birthday cake.
  • Because I was buying the four-star Coles mince that has a pink sticker not the five-star mince with a blue sticker. Because pink is for girls.
  • Because her brother touched one of her 5 identical Cinderella Barbie’s as it was her favourite.
  • Because our dog was sitting on her couch.
  • Because his brother stole his imaginary hat.
  • Because the windscreen wipers were making too much noise.
  • Because she opened the door while I was taking a shower and the door was open. Go figure.
  • Because I wouldn’t let him eat MY bacon sandwich.
  •  Because I wouldn’t let her play with the potty her brother was busy using.

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Let’s face it mums and dad. Children can be difficult. My daughter certainly can be. Yes, she probably needs a little bit more discipline and I am probably making a lot of mistakes along the way.

But, she is happy, healthy and hilarious, tantrums and all. And the mistakes I make today are lessons for tomorrow.

Revisit the post that launched a thousand comments – 44 completely rational reasons my three-year-old tantrumed today- and share your own reasons! We absolutely love hearing about them. And, once again, thank you Babyologists, for sharing this crazy parenting journey with us.

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