Babyologist review: Kinderling Kids Radio for the whole family

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A digital radio station for kids that won’t have parents tearing their hair out? A station that balances content for children with the kinds of things adults enjoy too? It’s NOT too good to be true!

The future is now, mums and dads, because Kinderling Kids Radio is beaming all the good stuff into homes across the country.

Here’s what our discerning Babyologists thought of this family-friendly broadcaster (and a whole bunch of reasons you might like to jump on the Kinderling Kids Radio bandwagon!).

Kinderling Kids Radio

Engaging, family-friendly radio is here!

Whether you’re listening as you cut the crusts off toast, before the kindy run or in the car on the way home from childcare, Kinderling Kids Radio has something engaging and fun for your family to enjoy together.

“Made meal prep times easier for me as the baby was distracted with the songs and also me singing along. Nap time songs put baby to sleep!” Stephanie told Babyology.

“My daughter loves music, so finding a station that only plays kid friendly songs is fantastic to keep her entertained or distracted,” Babyology mum Kita said.

Daisy said it’s not just the kids that wound-down with Kinderling Kids Radio. “It calms me and the kids,” she told us.

Downloadable content to save your data

Rachel loved the fact that she could download Kinderling Kids Radio’s mixtapes to play out and about, offline.

“The mixtapes were particularly useful in the car where I don’t have wifi access. The kids love family friendly music going to school and after school activities,” Rachel said.

Mum Stephanie said the downloadable mixtapes kept her daughter entertained and gave her a chance to show off her vocal skills, too! “My daughter loved listening to the variety of songs and found my singing along very amusing!”

Kinderling Mixtapes became a kind of soundtrack to family life and offered a more family-friendly alternative to commercial radio. “We even played them in the tram during our adventure time,” Stephanie revealed. “[Kinderling Kids Radio] was preferable to traditional radio stations in the car. The variety of music was impressive, from Beach Boys to Beyoncé … Great family music.”

Music for every occasion (and every music-lover!)

Kita loved the music programming on Kinderling Kids Radio too, and was surprised at the diverse selection on offer.

“My daughter loves an eclectic mix of music, so it didn’t come as a surprise that she would bop out to anything but ballads. I was pleasantly surprised to hear a nice mix however, as had thought it would mainly play ‘kid’ music. I certainly appreciate a bit of variety!” Kita told Babyology.

Kinderling Kids Radio boasts a useful selection of Sleepytime Soundtracks to help kids relax and settle down at bedtime. The parents we spoke to particularly loved this idea!

“There were a variety of Sleepytime Soundtracks available for me to choose from and they vary in length up to three hours. The best feature of it was that the tracks were soft and soothing and still work even when you turn off the screen of the phone unlike YouTube – which will stop playing as soon as you turn off the screen,” mum Carmen explained.

Kinderling Conversation

We’re all ears

Carmen also found the Kinderling Conversation program, which offers expert parenting advice at lunchtime every weekday, to be super useful.

“It had great advice available which you can just listen to while in the middle of other duties. Like all busy mums, it’s hard to get 10 minutes to yourself to look up information let alone read it,” Carmen said.

Stephanie said her family enjoyed listening to music without the ever-present visuals. “Screen time had been a crutch in our house lately due to the newest baby addition, so the ability to select some songs without having to see the actual song clip meant we could put the phone down and just enjoy the songs.”

A must-have for families

The families that tried Kinderling Kids Radio were keen to incorporate the station and app into daily life.

“It’s a great source of podcast audio for the week. Which is handy if you are heading out of town. The audio books are awesome especially with the artists performing them,” Rachel said.

“I think it’s brilliant and every parent should have it,” Babyologist Daisy agreed.

“It’s a great app. There are so many features and love the variety of music and programs on demand. I love that I can leave it playing and trust that the songs are appropriate, unlike radio stations which sometimes have inappropriate music for kids,” Stephanie explained.

Carmen sang Kinderling Kids Radio’s praises for a whole bunch of reasons.

“It’s a great app that reduces screen time but at the same time can entertain the children with their favourite shows and music. It’s also portable as it’s an app which you can download, so I can take it everywhere I go and use it on demand. The app still works when you turn the screen off which is great for saving battery and to eliminate the light coming off the phones during sleep time. You can also use your phone normally while it is being played in the background.”

With glowing reviews from fellow tech-savvy parents, who could resist Kinderling Kids Radio’s charms?!

Kinderling Kids Radio is available on digital radio, as an Android or iPhone app, or online.

(This is a sponsored post for Kinderling Kids Radio)


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