BabyLegs – so cute mums will want some too


It’s slightly embarrassing to admit but I’ve always had a secret penchant for leg warmers. I remember wearing them as a young girl and loved how they made me feel like a dancer. I rediscovered them two years ago when pregnant with our first child – they kept my legs warm without the hassle of a tight waistband over my big bump. They proved so versatile that I kept wearing them even after my pregnancy. 

It never even crossed my mind to look for something similar for
our little boy until I saw these delightful leg warmers especially
designed for babies and toddlers from BabyLegs.
Stay-at-home mum Nicole Donnelly started making BabyLegs in the US to
keep her babies’ legs warm during nappy-free playtime. She sold more than 100 pairs in the first two weeks and now children in more
than 15 countries wear BabyLegs.

Apart from
keeping your children’s legs warm, I’m quite certain BabyLegs will
brighten any outfit  you put together for your kids. The range
includes a wide variety of fun and attractive designs – from simple,
classic, and natural styles to funky, stripy, and even retro designs. I
can’t wait to order the Classic Black Ribbed and the SuperSoft Rainbow
for our eight-month-old. He’s recently started getting quite cranky whenever we try to put his pants back on after a nappy
change. These BabyLegs may just be the perfect solution to both his
angst and ours. Plus, they double as arm warmers too! 

from a soft blend of cotton, polyester and spandex, our
children are bound to love wearing BabyLegs. Wool blends are now also
available. To purchase, go to Little Styles. There’s no need to worry about sizes because one size fits all. Now, if only they made them for mummies as well.



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