BabyBaby Feeding Pillows get funky

For something that’s supposed to come naturally to all mothers, breastfeeding is a hard act to master. It does help to have some tools to assist and right up there with your favourite nursing bra and most absorbent nursing bra pads should be a feeding pillow. You may very well think you don’t need one but just one feed with it and you might be womdering how you ever survived without it!

The BabyBaby Feeding Pillow is available in a fantastic range of new (decor friendly) limited edition print fabrics. These prints are great, they don’t scream ‘breastfeeding pillow’ and unsuspecting guests may even compliment you on your funky new couch cushion! The covers are both removable and washable so there’s no drama if an accident occurs.

Good looks aside, the BabyBaby Feeding Pillow serves a practical purpose. The magical ”U’ shape fits around and moulds to new mums easily, creating a cuddly and comfortable raised platform for feeding a baby. The raised level brings baby up to eye level with the breast and eliminates slouching or hunched shoulders from mum, saving sore backs and posture problems.

The Feeding Pillow is available for NZ$89 from BabyBaby, with delivery available to Australia. It comes with a free ‘This Side Next’ wrist band… very helpful for sleep deprived new mums!

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