Babyation – finally, the breast pump gets a modern makeover

It’s taken more than 150 years, but the breast pump is finally getting a modern makeover! If you rely on a breast pump to help feed your baby, you’re going to want to see this.

Did you know that the current design of the breast pump, like the one up there on the right, was developed in the 1850’s? Crazy, isn’t it, especially when you think about how much prams, baby monitors and other baby paraphernalia has changed. Now, finally, it’s time for the breast pump to take a leap into the 21st century.

In 2014, Samantha Rudolph read an article in the New York Times that posed the question, “Shouldn’t the breast pump be as elegant as an iPhone and quiet as a Prius by now?” Not content to leave the question hypothetical, Sam and husband Jared Miller set about reinventing the breast pump.

Their Babyation is low on noise, high on smarts (you control the speed and suction with an app on your smart phone) and so low profile that you can keep working at your desk (with your shirt firmly in place) and no one will even know.


The picture shows the difference between Babyation (on the right) with its low-profile breast shields that connect via long tubes to collection bottles that can be placed on a table or floor or wherever convenient, and a regular breast pump (left), where the bottles must attach to the breast. This means that the Babyation can even collect milk discretly from under a woman’s clothes, something other breast pumps just can’t do.

“We don’t mean to be dramatic, but we think this breast pump will literally change the lives of many women,” Rudolph tells The Huffington Post.

She might not mean to be dramatic, but I think this is worth a bit of drama. Just imagine, being able to hold your NICU baby close while you pump. Just imagine, no queues for the lactation room at work where wifi never works and you have to sit in shirtless humiliation. Just imagine, being able to cook dinner and do the housework all while pumping… okay so maybe that isn’t such a pretty picture to imagine, but you get the idea.


Two years down the track and Sam and Jared have an eight-month old baby of their own, Exton,  as well as a Babyation breast pump prototype that is paediatrician and lactation-consultant approved and on the cusp of entering the market. Take a look for yourself how it works.

Babyation is currently campaigning on Kickstarter to make their project a reality and with only six days and US$5000 left to reach their goal of $50,000, it is looking good. This money will go towards ensuring a refined design that is easily manufacturable and branded beautifully from construction right through to packaging.

You can pledge your support on the Babyation fundraiser page and pre-order the new Babyation breast pump now for the discounted price of US$350. The product is expected to be ready to ship in March 2017.

Kate Thompson

Kate Thompson

Just back from maternity leave, Kate Thompson is resigned to a house overrun by boys (3 kids, dog and husband). Existing in a phase she affectionately coins ‘monotonous chaos’, this stay-at-home-mum revels in moonlighting as a writer and feeling like a grown up every once in a while. A background in teaching and psychology, she entered parenthood confident she was up for the challenge, but now eats humble pie on a daily basis.

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