Baby won’t sleep? Sick kids? Here’s how to get help, without leaving home

If there’s one thing you quickly learn when you become a mum – it’s how difficult it can be to get out of the house. Nappies, pram, change of clothes, bottle…and if you’re heading to the doctor with a sick baby, make sure you pack at least half a dozen distraction toys. Come on people, we’re living in the 21st century – there’s no need to leave the house to see a doctor, a maternal health nurse or a sleep consultant – there’s an app that will bring them to you!

We do love a tech solution that makes our lives as mums easier – at the new Docta app is a prime example. In essence, it’s an app that will connect you to a whole smorgasbord of health professionals, who make house calls. This could be a doctor, a maternal health nurse, physio or a personal trainer – it could even be a sleep consultant for your baby.

dr andrew roachford

The doctor behind the app is Dr Andrew Roachford, who likens it to revolutionising the medical industry in the same way that Uber has done for transport, and Airbnb for accommodation.

“The goal of Docta is to connect qualified professionals, such as doctors, massage therapists, physios, mother care nurses and personal trainers, with their clients. Docta will make lives easier by allowing users to manage their own schedules, it’s for a better living – for everyone,” Dr Roachford explains.

docta app

Doctor is now available to download now on iTunes, with an Android version due for release soon.

(This is a sponsored post for Docta app)

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