This baby-whispering checkout guy tale is today’s best good news story

marks and spencer checkout gent

An outstanding supermarket employee has not only lifted a mum and baby’s spirits on a particularly weary afternoon, he’s got a broader message of kindness and acceptance to share with the world.

Supermarket sweet

Can we just start by saying we LOVE this story?! Okay. Good.

Mum Lauren Walker was shopping at a Scotland Marks and Spencer outlet with her baby Alistair, when the toddler’s attention began to waver, and he threatened to tumble into that dreaded abyss we call “massive meltdown”.


Lucky for Lauren she was in the exact right M&S store and had chosen the exact right checkout to put her shopping through.

Alistair and Lauren were on Murbarak’s lane and Murbarak is not only an outstanding cashier, he’s a baby-friendly one as well. (Plus he’s a total legend.)

“Excellent service!”

Here’s how Lauren explained her encounter on the Marks and Spencer Facebook page, where she’d gone to thank the company.

“So today my mum, son and I were in your Uddingston Foodhall branch and as I’m sure you can see from the video we received excellent service!”

“While going round, my son started to get a bit restless as let’s be honest, what baby likes shopping? This man took the time with him to talk away so we could manage to get some shopping done. When we reached the checkout, my son was thrilled to see his new friend by screaming “hiya hiya” to him! He spoke away to him and then took him behind the till to “let him help”.”

Lauren went on to explain that her little boy was thoroughly entertained and charmed by the checkout operator and that it made a world of difference to her day.

“He smiled and squealed the full way through it because he was having so much fun! This man made my shopping experience so much easier and the fact he took time with my son as well was great. Unfortunately I never got his name so hopefully you can pass this onto him and tell him how grateful we were!”

“What a gem”

Others on the Marks and Spencer page recognised Murbarak from their own trips down to the shops, identifying him as a repeat offender in the compassion and kindness stakes. They had lots of good things to say about him too.

“I’ve been in here too with my toddler and we were served by the same guy. He is so friendly, helpful and patient, I told my husband about him when we got back to the car. I’m not surprised to see him being so kind to this wee boy – what a gem,” one mum posted.

“He served us the other day, he was brilliant with our baby too, he chatting away to him while putting our purchases through, our baby was smiling and giggling at him the whole time! Such a valued member of staff M&S have in him,” another confirmed.

“This man has served me before when I was suffering severe depression and he just noticed something was wrong with me and his kindness blew me away… he deserves more than recognition. He is a hero,” another lady said.

Marks and Spencer were naturally totally delighted at this heartening tale – and the other feedback about their store.

Lauren Walker and Marks and Spencer Facebook

Lauren Walker and Marks and Spencer Facebook

Helping each other, sharing cultures

Eventually, the humble gent in question, kind and baby-friendly Mubarak, piped up on Facebook too. We’ve got to say his response was pretty spectacular.

“Thank you for lovely comments,” Mubarak Anka wrote.

“My customers, managers, colleagues, brothers, sisters, classmates and friends. I believe [in] people integrating by respect, helping each other, sharing their knowledge and cultures. Really I learnt a lot from this child. Love and sincerity.”

Sob. We’re starting our own Mubarak fan club as we speak.


Lauren Walker and Marks and Spencer Facebook


Marks and Spencer have told Lauren that they’re going to pass the feedback further up the M&S management chain to ensure Mubarak is recognised for his wonderful work – not just with Alistair, but with the others who took the time to praise the kind gent’s work via Facebook.

What a great news story. <3


Footnote: We notice that he changed his profile pic to an image of Alistair and himself working the checkout together. Naw.



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