Baby Suommo – stupendous nursery furniture

Baby Suommo Nexus

Baby Suommo Grand Sonno

It’s furniture to rock your world that will blow wide open everyone’s ideas about nurseries.

These heart-stopping pieces by Baby Suommo are the ultimate in hyper-luxe aesthetics and are sure to go straight to the top of Wishlists everywhere. The brand is launching at the Kind + Jugend trade show on 16 September and we can see the world going wild for this brave and incredibly stylish furniture that’s for people with both dash and cash.

The cot above is the Grand Sonno, the Mod option of the Baby Suommo range, with its awe-inspiring, commanding presence. This is no one-trick-pony. It can become a bed, a desk and a set of four shelves! It moves on concealed wheels and, if you’re wondering about price, it converts to about AUD$3160.

The collection features one gorgeous bassinet; the Dodo (AUD$3650, pictured below). A womb-like sleeping pod perches elegantly on a pedestal with oval cut-outs, featuring silk quilted lining in cream.

Baby Suommo Dodo

Baby Suommo describes the Moveo ($2720, pictured below) as a new cradle-minicot concept. As the name suggests, it is designed to be moved around easily and has multidirectional wheels. The signature silk lining is hand-crafted so your baby sleeps in luxury.

Baby Suommo Moveo

There is no denying the La Perla cot ($4825, pictured below) is the glamazon of the range. What the Grand Sonno provides in modern sophistication, the La Perla offers in elite glamour with its rounded form designed to cradle baby with warmth and security.

Baby Suommo La Perla

The Nexus ($2470) drawers co-ordinate perfectly with all pieces in the range and finish a beautiful nursery. The gorgeous storage nooks on each side make for wonderful rotating displays for curious babies and toddlers. I just can’t bring myself to imagine finding a stale biscuit secreted away in this beauty!

Baby Suommo are launching at the Kind + Jugend trade show soon and hopefully we’ll hear a lot more about this Spanish high-end furniture company!

Baby Suommo Nexus

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