Baby shoes & bibs go from retro to modern at Teddy & I

Teddy & I shoes and bandanna bibs

Teddy and I

You can give every standard outfit your baby puts on a little touch of extra class with a cute pair of shoes and a bib. 

Teddy & I is a brand new business from Victorian mum Corrine Hall, who really has an eye for a cute fabric combo. She only does two items – elasticised baby shoes, and bandana bibs – but boy, does she do them well.

If you have, as I did, an exceptionally dribbly baby, you’ll know the frustration of having lots of cute outfits that nobody ever sees because they are always covered up by bibs as big as beach towels. The answer? Gorgeous bibs, of course – and bandana bibs are just the thing, with a jaunty edge to them that never detracts from an outfit. Who could go past young monsieur in “The Moustache and The Tweed” (below)? Nobody, that’s who.

Corrine’s choices in shoe fabric are just as good, whether you’re searching for retro cowgirls or modern geometrics. And the price is right too. You can find all the wares from Teddy & I on Made It. A pair of handmade shoes is $12, and a shoes and bib set will set you back just $18.

Teddy & I shoes and bandanna bibs

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