The baby photo series that you’ll just eat up

All new parents do it – they stage a monthly photo to track their baby’s progress. But one couple went above and beyond by creating a healthy way to record their bub’s first year.

This has got to be one of the most original (and tastiest) photo series we have ever seen!

Gideon Kauffman is clearly the apple of his parent’s eyes. And, to prove it, his mum and dad, Keren Sachs and Landi Kauffman created a series of “Veggie Portraits” to showcase their growing baby next to seasonal veggies (and the occasional fruit) spelling out each month.

baby announcment cards veggies

For twelve months the parents collected fruits and veggies to place next to their growing infant, posting each image on Instagram. And they achieved a plateful of photo perfection!

baby announcment card veg1

One-month-old Gideon, placed next to sprigs of spring onion, looks sweet enough to eat up.

baby announcement card veg2

With every portrait the colour-conscious couple cherry-pick an outfit to match their veggie or fruit of the month. We are loving the cheery cherry tomatoes and matching foxy onesie!

baby announcement card veg3

At three months, Gideon is sprouting up nicely.

veggie announcement card veg4

Keren writes on her Instagram page that Gideon is a great eater.

“We were hoping he’d develop a great love for veggies through this experience,” they told the Huffington Post.

baby announcement card veg5

With most of the images she also reveals the milestones her little man has achieved, such as crawling and starting solids.

baby announcement card veg6

The adorable little dude is clearly part hipster as he rocks the suspenders and kale leaves for his sixth month milestone shot.

baby announcement card veg7

And at seven months, the family, who live in New York, USA, paired beetroot with Gideon in a fuzzy onesie, perfect for the warmer winter weather.

veggie announcment card8

Nothing beets a nice plate of colourful capsicum, hey little guy?


“With friends and family all over the country, this has been a great way for us to keep in touch visually, and we have loved hearing from old acquaintances who have seen the images on social media,” the parents say. “We hope to bring them a smile and a laugh and a view into Gideon’s world.”


There isn’t an image in the series where Gideon isn’t happily smiling up at the camera. Keren credits her veggie-loving bub, writing, “You are the most perfect muse. Thank you for putting up with these crazy #veggieportaits. I promise they will be over soon, though all I want is to slow down time!”

Don’t we all!


We adore this creative, clever and tasty trip down memory lane. We hope Gideon’s love of fruits and veggies continues to grow for years to come.


But, enough with the corny puns. If you love this idea, then check out a few of our other favourite ways to track your baby’s progress including these baby milestone cards and this mum’s clever use of random household objects to showcase her growing infant.

(via Huffington Post)

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