Baby Oobee – it’s in the bag!



All my children went through a nurturing phase. While it was very cute watching them wrap and cuddle their objects of affection, there was nothing cute about having to leave the house with the extras in tow – be it a Cabbage Patch doll, Felix the Cat and, just of late, Woody of Toy Story fame. This is why I  think Leslie Keating, creator of Onegirl Designwrks is on to something.

Leslie has designed a package of nurture in the way of the Baby Oobee set. Each Baby Oobee comes with its own teeny tiny cotton quilt and plush cotton pillow inside its very own drawstring bag. ‘"What’s the best bit?", I hear you ask. The best bit, fellow Babyologyists, is this little gem is only 17 centimeters tall. At that size I can pack a precious Baby Oobee in my bag for my toddler to wrap and tuck in/up/out wherever and whenever he pleases!

If you’re curious as to what exactly a Baby Oobee is, Leslie sums it up beautifully with her swing tag that reads "what is an oobee, you ask? is it a bear, a dear, a dog, a monkey? you decide, that’s part of the fun. they could just be a little of each" . Each Baby Oobee is handmade using soft, organic hemp and cotton blend fleece, then stuffed with wool fleece. And washable, of course Baby Oobee’s accessories are all cotton so also wash-friendly.

The Onegirl Designwrks Etsy store has a superb array of Leslie’s designs, including the Baby Oobee – there’s sure to be something in there to ignite your child’s imaginaton! 

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