Baby Olivia dresses up as her favourite TV characters


Ok, so when my friends come over we usually just drink coffee and baby-wrangle but one talented blogger uses her catch-ups for slightly more constructive and hilarious outcomes. 

Baby Olivia dressed as all her favourite TV show characters brought a good chuckle to the email rounds of Babyology last week so we had to share it with you.



I don’t know what’s better, the idea, the execution, the absolutely gorgeous baby (look at those legs) or her completely inappropriate taste in TV shows. What I do know is that the fact that Karen Abad painstakingly constructed the costumes, sets and props, then staged this gorgeous photo shoot whilst visiting a friend makes me want to invite her over to my place.

Now I’m a huge Girls fan and anyone who has seen the episode that baby Olivia’s cherry-shorty-shorts outfit is taken from is sure to have a huge chuckle –  I can’t even begin to describe it without risking offending, because taken out of context, it may come across as pretty shocking.


Baby Olivia’s Favourite TV Shows brings me back to the year my first bub came along and we spent most of winter binge-watching Sons of Anarchy while bub happily giggled and bounced along to the gritty song that accompanied the opening credits. Oh how I miss those rainy days of adult-chosen TV. Now it’s family movies all the way and I’m happy to admit I am enjoying them just as much. What do you think, hilarious or a bit too dark for your tastes?


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