Baby narrowly wins Instagram pose-off battle with attractive model uncle

Baby and the Body Instagram

This excellent Instagram account is the hilarious cheer-up you didn’t know you needed at the tail end of the week.

Hot or not?

Katina Behm, who is mum to 18-month-old twins Augie and Delphi, is ensuring her little brother Aristotle Polites doesn’t take his successful male model status too seriously. Let’s face it, it can’t be easy to work as a model AND keep your ego in check. Especially when photographers and stylists are constantly telling you how fetching your face and body are.

In fairly typical (some might say annoying) big sister style, Katina’s taken matters into her own hands in addressing this ego-levelling task. In fact, she’s enlisted baby Augie’s help in her quest to “hot block” Aristotle, and keep him as grounded and humble as possible.

Romance novel-inspired

It all started when Katina took a photo of baby Augie (above) and noticed it had some familiar feels.

“The image of him with the shirt undone and his bare chest exposed made me laugh because he looked like he belonged on the cover of a romance novel,” Katina told The Huffington Post.

“I took a picture and then realized I bet my brother Aris has a picture just like this on his Instagram page which is filled with modeling photos.”

She was right. Aris DID have a similar image, so she put the two shots side-by-side and sent it to other members of the family with the caption “Who wore it better?”

Katina said her family were in stitches over the cute prank, so she was inspired to create an Instagram solely devoted to these baby-and-brother compares. She says her good-humoured brother takes it all on the chin and even shares some of the shots on his own Instagram account.

“He doesn’t take himself too seriously which is good because I get such a kick out of recreating them with Augie.”

Baby and the body

And yes, Katina’s Baby and the Body Instagram account is pretty much everything you’d hope it would be, combining matchy-matchy photos with toddler cuteness and a generous dose of six-pack thrown in for good measure.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find, if you follow along …


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