Gold, silver & bronze – best baby names inspired by Aussie Olympians

We all know Ian. We all know Dawn. And we all know Cathy. But what are some other Aussie Olympic medallists that can give you inspiration when searching for a baby name?

We’re counting down our favourite names of Aussie Olympians over the years and these ones are certainly worth a place on your baby name podium. After all, what child wouldn’t love to be named after an Olympian?

Aussie heroes are all around us. But none are quite as inspirational as our Olympians who, over the years have conquered all sorts of challenges, have shared beautiful stories and have impressed not only our own nation but the entire world with their tenacity, dedication, perseverance and humility.

This is what makes Australian Olympians so amazing.

And all of these adorable names belong to the Aussie Olympians who have proudly waved the Australia flag and been awarded with a medal.

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Our most famous Aussie Olympians’ names


  • Ian (Ian Thorpe, five-time gold medallist, swimming, 2000 and 2004)
  • Grant (Grant Hackett, seven-time total medallist, swimming, 2000, 2004 and 2008)
  • Murray (Murray Rose, six-time total medallist, swimming, 1956 and 1960)
  • Kieren (Kieren Perkins, four-time total medallist, swimming, 1992, 1996 and 2000)
  • Drew (Drew Ginn, three-time gold medallist, rowing, 1996, 2000 and 2004)
  • Andrew (Andrew Hoy, three-time gold medallist who competed in all seven Olympic Games between 1984 and 2012!)


  • Cathy (Cathy Freeman, gold and silver medallist, athletics, 1996 and 2000)
  • Dawn (Dawn Fraser, four-time gold medallist, swimming, 1956, 1960 and 1964)
  • Shirley (Shirley Strickland, seven-time medallist, athletics, 1952 and 1956)
  • Shane (Shane Gould, one of the youngest gold medallists at 15, swimming, 1972)
  • Marjorie (Marjorie Jackson, first Australian woman to win an Olympic gold medal, athletics, 1952)
  • Liesel (Liesel Jones, nine-time medallist, swimming, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012)
  • Petria (Petria Thomas, eight-time medallist, swimming, 1996, 2000 and 2004)
  • Betty (Betty the “Golden Girl” Cuthbert, four-time gold medallist, athletics, 1956 and 1964)

Names worthy of gold

There are more than 240 Australian gold medallists but these are the names that ring the cutest, especially for the next generation of talented tots.


  • Mack (Mack Horton, swimming, 2016)
  • Tate (Tate Smith, canoeing, 2012)
  • Eamon (Eamon Sullivan, swimming, 2008)
  • Edwin (Edwin Flack, Australia’s first Olympic athlete, dual gold medallist athletics, 1895)
  • Bobby (Bobby Pearce, rowing, 1928 and 1930)


  • Bronte (Bronte Campbell, swimming, 2016)
  • Torah (Torah Bright, snowboarding, 2010 and 2014)
  • Nova (Nova Peris, hockey, 1996)
  • Liane (Liane Tooth, hockey, 1988 and 1996)
  • Giaan (Giaan Rooney, swimming, 2000 and 2004)

The sweetest silver medallists’ names

341 people have claimed silver for Australia. Here are a few of our favourite names to add to your list:


  • Theo (Theo Bruce, athletics, 1948)
  • Jai (Jai Taurima, athletics, 2000)
  • Chilla (Chilla Porter, athletics, 1956)
  • Rolly (Rolly Tasker, sailing, 1956)


  • Elka (Elka Graham, swimming, 2000)
  • Hollie (Hollie Grima, basketball, 2008)
  • Rohanee (Rohanee Cox, basketball, 2008)
  • Bonnie (Bonnie Mealing, swimming, 1932)

Beautiful bronze baby names

More than 350 bronze medallists call Australia home. Here are our top three finalists in terms of cute names to steal for your own bub.


  • Eli (Eli Matheson, hockey, 2008)
  • Boden (Boden Hanson, rowing, 2000)
  • Fred (Frederick Kirkham, rowing, 1956)


  • Taniele (Taniele Gofers, water polo, 2008)
  • Zali (Zali Steggall, skiing, 1988)
  • Anabelle (Anabelle Smith, diving, 2016)

Names based on the 2016 Olympians

Mack Horton has already won the first gold and there are 417 other Australian Olympian hopefuls competing for a place on the podium. Here are a few more names to inspire our next generation of green and gold supporters.


  • Rohan (Rohan Dennis, cycling)
  • Rhydian (Rhydian Cowley, race walking)
  • Lucien (Lucien Delfour, canoeing)
  • Aran (Aran Zalewski, field hockey)
  • Cedric (Cedric Dubler, athletics)
  • Karsten (Karsten Forsterling, rowing)
  • Joe (Joe Ingles, basketball)


  • Olympia (Olympia Aldersey, rowing)
  • Isobel (Isobel Bishop, water polo)
  • Ellia (Ellia Green, rugby)
  • Linden (Linden Hall, athletics)
  • Aislin (Aislin Jones, shooting)
  • Leilani (Leilani Mitchell, basketball)
  • Evania (Evania Pelite, rugby)

Good luck to all of our athletes over the next two weeks and good luck to all expecting parents who are making the momentous baby name decision. Check out our baby name archives for thousands of other great contenders, from popular to unique, from traditional to trendy (and everything in between).

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