Baby-made messes! Thank goodness we love them so much …

Oh, babies! One minute they can’t sit up without assistance, and the next, they’re tearing through the house leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

Ruby and Sudocrem

When a dear friend, Sam recently shared a photo of her precious 11-month-old Ruby ‘taste testing’ a small pot of Sudocrem, we were reminded of all the ways small children can wreak havoc in the family home. Because wiping cream off a small face is one thing, but trying to remove it from furniture, flooring, clothing and pets is quite another.

Babies may be small but they certainly have a big impact!


Lucky for Sam, she is not alone. Babyology mums around the country have shared their own baby-made messes – and they are equal parts hilarious and horrifying. So very cream, much disaster, all of the mess!

Toddler and sudocrem

Night cream

Little Miss Two decided to NOT stay in her new big bed. She had found Sudocrem. Much to our surprise! Couldn’t help but laugh and laugh and take the good old 21st photo.”  – Renée Corlett

Mac lipstick and toddler

Pretty in pink

My boy got into my Mac lipstick; got it everywhere and ate half of it too. You can tell the pigment is good quality because it doesn’t fade when going through the digestive tract ” – Elizabeth K Andrews

Couch mess

Innocent victim

Early morning wake-up, even the cat was in on it … our brand new couch.” – Katie Gray

Toddler and Nutella

Nutella … what Nutella?

My daughter Lilah thought she was in heaven when she discovered the Nutella left on the bench.” – Kiera Allan

toddler hair

Mop top

When they’re quiet, it’s never a good thing. Luckily the twin didn’t get in on the action!” – Cassandra Lee

Toddler and spaghetti sauce

Going Italiano

My son thought it was hilarious to break open the spaghetti sauce lol” – Staci Poitra

Sudocream and toddler

Third times the charm

I think this was the third time she had gotten into it… I’m clearly not a fast learner, haha!” – Jemma Dingle

Mirror and toddler

Hey, good looking!

Not Sudocream, but Mummy’s nice moisturiser that she smashed the lid off to open – by dropping it on the new floor boards.” – Penny Jeanette


This is why babies are designed to be extra-cute. It’s pretty much impossible to be mad with their adorable faces for very long!

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