The baby girl born with special reason to smile

Baby Alyssa

A first tooth is a huge milestone for babies and their parents. But Alyssa Bella Bailey’s parents didn’t have to wait as long as most  – their little girl was born with two teeth.

Alyssa’s dad was the first to notice her bottom two front teeth shortly after her birth on December 28. “When she first arrived everybody was just shocked,” says her mum, Jaklina. “We had two other doctors that came in just to look, and nurses. They were kind of like, ‘what’s going on? Can I just see?’.”

It’s rare for babies to be born with teeth – about one in every 2000 to 3000 births, according to MedlinePlus. But it doesn’t necessarily save babies (and parents) from the challenges of first-time teething. Often natal teeth are wobbly and fall out, or need to be taken out. A dentist should check them over to make sure they’re not loose, as they can pose a choking danger.

alyssa baby teeth

Alyssa’s teeth, however, are strong and shouldn’t cause her any problems. “They said it’s just going to grow with the rest of her teeth,” Jaklina, of Missouri in the United States, says.

As for the other question on everyone’s lips, Jaklina says: “A lot of people have asked me, ‘Does it hurt?’ Well, I’m bottle-feeding. Breastfeeding — but bottle-feeding.”

When did your baby get his or her first tooth? If your baby’s teething right now, check out our post on tried and true remedies to soothe sore gums.

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Michelle Rose

Michelle Rose

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