Awkward Santa photos that all parents need in their lives

Snapping a shot with Santa is part of most parents’ December checklist. And while it is great to have a beautiful keepsake of your children, dressed in their best and smiling with the man in red, often, the photo shoot turns into a hilarious disaster. And we’ve found the very best in amusing, awkward and downright awful Santa photos that will leave your photo looking tame in comparison.

creepy santa cover

So, without further ado, welcome to Babyology’s ultimate guide on how to fail at Santa photos.

1. Opt for the scariest looking Santa you can find.

creepy santa 3

Oh look, it’s Santa’s horrifying older brother, Satan Claus.

2. Make sure all children are screaming for dear life.

creepy santa 4

Santa included.

3. And if said children do not stay screaming, join them in the photo.

creepy santa 8

It’s okay. As long as everyone is in the photo, it’s a success.

4. Choose a Santa that hates his job.

creepy santa 9

We’re not sure who is the most unhappy in this photo.

5. Wear matching outfits.

creepy santa 11

This one is great for the Christmas card.

6. Then, add E.T. to the photo.

creepy santa 2

Awkward Level 10.


7. Capture the moment Santa manages to drop your child.

creepy santa 16

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like a crying infant who is about to be dropped by Santa.

8. Include props.

creepy santa 12

Guns, clearly, are an excellent choice to up the awkwardness level.

9. Keep your child in the shopping trolley.

creepy santa 14

Preferably still asleep.

10. Place your child at least four feet away from Santa.

creepy santa 13

As long as Santa is not within arm’s distance, you may be able to snap a photo.

11. And, finally, ensure your child flips the camera the finger.

creepy santa 10

And, this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you guarantee the most awkward (and memorable) Santa photo fail ever.

(top image via Slap Dash Mom)

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