Awesome inventions every dad aka big kid will want

From the world’s largest Nerf gun to pancake batter in a can, in the name of fun we’re celebrating some amazing inventions to satisfy every kind of dad from the outdoorsmen, the thrill seekers, the fun, the lazy and those who just refuse to grow up.

Father’s Day is a great time to embrace their daggy jokes, stand in awe of the DIY failures and successes, and just celebrate the awesome people dads are. We at Babyology would also love to hear about any inspiring inventions the dads you know have created.

Here are a few inventions we reckon have dad written all over them.

Giant Nerf Gun

We can hear the children screaming now as an outnumbered dad finally evens the score with this monster in the next backyard battle.

Sleeping bag suit

Adventurous dads deserve to be comfortable too and who knew sleeping under the stars could be so stylish?

Pancake batter in a can

Dad will be more than happy to prepare his own breakfast this Father’s Day if you arm him with all the ingredients he needs in a can.


Hover bike

It’s probably fair to say safety wasn’t the focus when this futuristic bike with two accelerators, no break, no seat and no steering was created. But, we reckon there are loads of dads who’d love to have a go at flying this.

We think dads are awesome. From their unique approach to dressing the kids, their ability to turn baby’s first word into a competition, their unique parenting style, and the overwhelming love they have for their children. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, however you roll.

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