Australian woman gives birth in a creek. And we have the footage to to prove it

Birth is magical and deserves a magical setting. The hospital isn’t too serene. The house is too messy. So why not give birth down by the river surrounded by nature?

This is exactly what Melbourne mum Simone Thurber did.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a video that captures the whole thing!

wild birth 2

Water births are all the rage these days and we have plenty of beautiful images in our archives that demonstrate this.

However, Simone Thurber, who grew up in Utah, USA, dared to birth where no human mother has probably deliberately birthed before – in a stream, in the middle of a secluded rainforest.

Without pain relief, a midwife or a doctor nearby, Simone, who already had three kids via home water births, proves just how incredible and instinctive mothers are as she, well… we could tell you all about it… but it’s probably best if you just watch the footage instead. Here it is.

Simone tells the Herald Sun that she has always wanted to give birth in the wilderness.

“I am not a hippy drippy mum, but I wanted my fourth child to be born away from beeping machines and a hospital environment,” she explains.

wild birth 3

And thus, when Simone and her then-husband, Nick, found out they were expecting for the fourth time, they started researching wilderness locations. The family, living in Melbourne at the time, headed to the Daintree Forest in Queensland where they stayed in a house nearby until labour started.

Then the family (Simone, Nick and their three daughters) quickly packed up the car and headed into the middle of the rainforest to film the whole experience. After two hours of squatting amongst the rocks wearing nothing but an aqua necklace, Simone gave birth in the stream to her fourth child, a girl named Perouze.

wildnerness birth

Perouze was slightly stuck but Simone, who is a trailed doula, and her husband, Nick, were able to coax her out with a slight nudge.

“The sun was shining, we were in a creek and we had a new baby,” Simone recalls.

It took two hours to birth the placenta before the family of now-six packed up the car and headed back to their rented property where she then “had a placenta smoothie.”

Because, after birth, that’s what we all crave, right?

wilderness birth 5

“The whole experiencing felt empowering and freeing and our beautiful little girl was healthy and fine,” Simone says.

The video was made four years ago. Simone’s husband Nick has since died from cancer and she has remarried. She posted the video three years ago, but it resurfaced this week  and – as these things tend to do – quickly went viral and has now been viewed over 52 million times.

wild birth1

As incredible as it sounds, Simone isn’t the only one with this natural birth dream. There is a TV show in America dedicated to this very situation and, if the views of this video are anything to go by, it would appear that a stream baby could be the next birthing trend.

(via Herald Sun)

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