Australian mum shares the scariest ultrasound photo we’ve ever seen

Sharni Turner's Ultrasound

When Townsville mum-to-be Sharni Turner clapped eyes on her ultrasound photo, she could have been forgiven for running for the hills – or a the very least calling in her friendly neighbourhood exorcist.

Say cheese!

Let us begin by reassuring you that everything is turning out just fine with Sharni’s baby, so don’t be too alarmed. The story goes something like this …

Thirteen weeks into her pregnancy, Sharni popped in for a routine peep at how in-utero life was panning out for her little one. You get the picture – jellied belly at the ready, technician swiping over bump, excited mama and then … Let’s just say that things took a surprising turn.

“My ultrasound technician decided to do a front face image of my baby,” Sharni explained on Twitter alongside a shot of the image in question.

” It was the most terrifying thing [I’ve] ever seen in my f*ckiNG LIFE!”

And may we just say that she’s 100 percent mother-flipping correct! See Exhibit A below.

Who let the trolls out?

Sharni revealed that side-on, things looked much cuter and way less demonic – and to be frank we feel this same when we look at ourselves in the mirror.

See (below) Exhibit B aka heaps less scary pic of Sharni’s bub. She’s now a healthy and happy 21 weeks into her pregnancy and very much looking forward to meeting her baby, Eliot Jay, in March next year.

The tweet-storm that followed her ultrasound photo upload is something to behold. While on the whole it’s rather cheering, some poor sports let the side down, leaving the kind of irredeemable comments a mum-to-be shouldn’t have to read. Sigh. 


Sharni Turner ultrasound

It’s a THING!

We should also point out that our “scariest ever” headline claim proved to have some contesters when we dug a little deeper.

It seems that these front on snaps of babies’ faces in-utero take on this scary and very Halloween appropriate appearance quite often. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if the ultrasound techs do this for kicks, to be frank!

Many other parents began sharing their own front-on baby ultrasound pics and as you can see, these scary little faces are more common than you might think. Scroll down and see!

We wish Sharni all the very best with her pregnancy and the new little life she’s due to welcome.


Ultrasound of baby's face Ultrasound of baby's face Ultrasound of baby's face Ultrasound of baby's face


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