Australian Designer Bholu bed linen

Bed linen is a serious weakeness of mine. Couple that with anything
that even remotely resembles an elephant, and it’s a sure thing I’ll
fall for it. So here it is – amazingly beautiful manchester from Bholu.
My very favourite colour combination of red and white are featured
in the Bholu Bubalah
linen range with your choice
of Frederick Elephant, Ignacious Critter and Marjorie Duck, exquisitely
embroidered with silk onto each sheet set, bed cushion and swaddling
wraps are huge at 105cm square, so will have many uses
and see your baby through to the last days of wrapping.

Strikingly contemporary in design, the roots of Bholu’s creations
lie in a 2 year residency in India by its founder, Australian
Jodie Fried. Impressed by the intricacy of the local women’s
embroidery, Jodie returned later to show them her own designs. They
were amused by their lack of sophistication and joked that their
"Bholu" (endearing term for a child) could do much better. Thus a
company was born
and now employs Gujarati women for the ethical production of these
delectable homewares. The toys are also
a must see!

Contact Bholu
about ordering.

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