“At first I wasn’t having it” – Liam Payne reveals why his son is named Bear

Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne

One Direction gent Liam Payne has just shared the back story behind his baby son Bear’s name, and it turns out it’s part tribute to his partner, Cheryl Cole – and part inspired by newborn growls!

Memorable moniker

Bear Grey Payne made his appearance back in March, and the new dad Liam says he felt it only fair that Cheryl’s baby-name-needs were well and truly met. He reasoned that Cheryl not only carried the pair’s first child, she delivered him into the world – and is spending the bulk of her time on mum duty.

“It was her choice. I wasn’t going to fight her about it, she’s the one who’s done all the work, isn’t she?” Liam said. 

Liam explained that Cheryl wanted a name that was memorable and would truly make its mark. No Oliver or Max for this new mum, although he’d have been quite happy with something low-key.

“I’m into more traditional names,” Liam said. “The missus… she’s more into more unique, original names that people will remember.”

“The reason she chose Bear was because Bear is a name that when you leave a room you won’t forget. And I like that. When I look at him he is Bear,” Liam revealed. He says it took him a little bit of time to warm up to the whole Bear thing, though.

“To be honest at first I wasn’t having it. I didn’t understand it and I wasn’t sure. Now I look at him and he is Bear. It’s mad.”


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Best birthday ever 🐻💙

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“Grrr, grrrr”

The new dad also revealed that Bear played his own growly part in ensuring the name was shortlisted, right from his very first moments in the world.

“When he was born, one of the midwives said it, he had this thing where if they don’t have a good cry they get fluid in the lungs which is quite serious,” Liam told The Late Late Show’s James Corden.  “He was going like, ‘Grrr, grrr,’ when he was sleeping.”

The growls prompted bear comparisons, and the rest is history (and Bear’s now doing very, very well!)

“Super happy, chill baby”

Liam’s obviously back at work in full force, post-bub, doing the press rounds and talking about how things have changed since Bear’s arrival. He had some glowing things to say about dad life when he chatted to Entertainment Tonight Canada.

“It is really the best thing ever, and I suppose it just changes your outlook on everything,” Liam said.

“He’s just a super happy, chill baby. We’re super blessed that he just chills out and since he was 8-weeks, he’s been sleeping 11 hours.”

“He loves singing. He loves being sang [sic] to. That’s what makes him happy and what makes him laugh, so maybe there’s a bit of music in him, you know.”

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Bear tradition

Bear Payne is most certainly not the only Bear on the block, despite the tabloids trumpeting that his name is highly unusual. Here are a handful of the other famous Bears we already have on the record:

  • Actor Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarekci’s son is Bear Blu Jarecki.
  • Actor Kate Winslet’s son is named Bear Blaze Winslet.
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ frontman, Anthony Kiedis, has a son called Everly Bear Kiedis.
  • AND celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and his designer wife Jools have Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver.

How do you feel about Liam’s assertion that hardworking mums should have first dibs on baby name choices? Is it the best idea you’ve ever heard? Or is a team decision a better approach?

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Like father like son.❤️#yeezy #fatherandson

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