Art and Ghosts – edgy art children will love

art and ghosts

I don’t buy into the idea that children can’t handle edgier tones in art. Whilst there are lots of things I would steer clear of at this point in my boys’ lives, dark colours and ethereal, undeniably beautiful faces are an inspiring departure from the usual.

I took delivery a few weeks ago of a ‘Dulcimer’ print (above) from Art and Ghosts and the whole family is enchanted with it. It fits in beautifully with our monochrome decor and appeals to both the adults and children in the house.

The digitally made artwork by Louise Robinson is so stunningly beautiful it’s hard to look away. I have spent a few hours looking at each and every one – they all draw the eye in, and questions about these lovely doll-like characters and their surroundings immediately spring to mind. Themes centre on mythology, fairytales, dreams, dolls, spectres and nature.

art and ghosts

I like that there are some themes of loneliness and sadness. It’s important for a child to be able to talk about these feelings and pictures can be a good avenue through which to talk about things that may be bothering them.

You won’t believe how inexpensive the prints are – you can buy sets of six 5 x 7 inch prints for just US$18, which includes international shipping! There are larger ones to choose from like Dulcimer, which is US$40 in a 11 x 14 inch size.

Be transported to a fantasy world, at Art and Ghosts.

art and ghosts

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