ArminÈe & Frank – Bagaholics Beware!


It appears I’ve become a bit of a bagaholic since becoming a mum. Like
prams, bags can make or break your day. Can you fit all the baby
change stuff in as well as all the bits and bobs you need for yourself
and for running your household?

My husband thinks I’m mad – after
all, he simply pops his wallet and keys in his pocket and off he goes. If some can get
through their day in an organised fashion that way, then great! Me, I
need to know exactly where everything is and have them easily to
hand, so a sturdy yet stylish bag is a must.

Have a geezer at these lush designer baby bags! Called the
Port Carry-All
by ArminÈe & Frank ,
it’s available in their ‘Nine Months’ range,
and designed especially for mums on the go. Armed with as many pockets
as you can fill and with a larger pocket at the back for a change
mat, you’ll never be caught short of space or style.

Available in 10 colours, from classic black to metallic silver and
earthy ochre. It has an adjustable strap making it easy to sling over the pram handlebars or over the shoulder or body –
check out the stunning lining.
I also love the Parker Tote for something a little bit smaller, also in the Nine Months range.
I’m right into greys of every shade so the slate would be my colour of choice.

Watchout though. There’s a girl’s range, so you’ll soon be
inflicting your own obsession onto your daughters. Imagine her delight
when she’s given this yummy
Tinee Shopper Bag from
the ‘Tiny Treasures’ range.
Watch her fill it with trinkets and take care of them whilst out. Each child’s bag comes
with an id charm so that if your child gets lost, she is easily

From ArminÈe & Frank, the Carry-All runs at $390,
the Tinee Shopper at $95, and the Parker Tote at $330.

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