Are you expecting a snake in the Chinese New Year 2013?

Snake presents for babies born in 2013

Here at Babyology, we are expecting quite a few babies in this new Chinese Year of the Snake so let’s take a look at what we are in for. 

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the snake is believed to be aware, together and intuitive. Some characteristics of people born in the year of the snake are culture, grace, elegance, sophistication and materialism. I hope you have some pretty fancy baby gifts lined up if you are going to try to impress any little snakes this year.

Scratch below the surface and you will find that snake people are also wise, sympathetic, fortunate with money and determined. Their greatest allies are the ox and rooster.

In addition to the twelve animal signs of the Chinese zodiac, each one is accompanied by a particular element (Earth, Metal, Fire, Water, Wood) and 2013 brings us Water Snakes. The Water element is thought to deliver versatility and flexibility along with intelligence and wisdom. Our little snakes will be complex creatures!

year of the snake baby

If you’re looking for something super special for a 2013 baby, check out these cute Snake Bandana Bibs from Fuzzy Threadz.

year of the snake baby gift

Golden Gifts makes the sweetest keepsake deerskin baby moccasins and this rattle snake design is absolutely gorgeous for US$34.

Let little ones learn all about the story behind their zodiac sign with the delightful The Year of the Snake: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac book by Oliver Chin. It’s $15.25, with free delivery, from Book Depository.

Gifts for Snake Babies

Or read Sophie Snake gets in a twist to your little snake, (the images are insanely cute) from Book Depository for only $2.89, with free delivery.  If you want to splash out on some serious quality for the particularly trendy bub, this beautiful FermLiving Mr Snake Pillow can be used as a tummy time pal for $140.

stuffed toy soft stripey snake

For something more cuddle-sized, there’s these cutesy plush snakes from Polish toy company Kalimba. Treetop Toy Shop has them in all sorts of colours and patterns for $14.95.

Chinese Zodiac baby products

Cafe Press has a great range of Chinese Year of the Water Snake Blankets for $36 and a whole bunch of other custom products.

Of course, little snakes grow into big snakes, and here’s some known for their inherit sense of style – Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy , Liv Tyler, Oprah Winfrey, Queen Elizabeth I and Sarah Jessica Parker. So this fancy Lark Gypsy Chandelier may be an appropriate pick for $190.

Colourful chandelier

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