Aqua Joe, a quirky wooden water pistol with style

aqua joe water pistol

Just like juicy slices of watermelon and trips to the beach, a good ol’ fashioned soaking with a water gun screams summer – and boy does it get loud in my backyard when the battle is in full swing. And while this water pistol might not have the same raw power as all those military grade water cannons out there, it will allow you (and your kids) to have fun with style and a clear conscience.

The Aqua Joe is based on an ever-so-clever but simple design – a beech plywood body and a funky blue 20ml syringe that slides snugly into the handle.

aqua joe water pistol detail

How does it work? Simply suck up the water with the syringe and shoot a jet of water by pressing the syringe plunger with your thumb. You can slide the syringe out for cleaning or replacement – the syringe is a standard size that should be available at your local pharmacy. And in case you are wondering about the durability of the wooden handle when wet, it is held together by a waterproof glue.

aqua joe water pistol action
Not only is it great to see more sustainable toys out there, it also means you can avoid those shonky dollar store versions that clog and fall apart after about five seconds. I can also see the Aqua Joe being put to other uses – “Ok, promise to have your medicine if we use the Aqua Joe?”

You can pick up the Aqua Joe for just under £10, plus shipping. What are you waiting for? Let the water battle begin!

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