App helps parents celebrate the miracle of their premmie baby

A premature baby asleep in incubator

The exhilaration and joy of posting your first newborn photo on social media, the one that announces their arrival earthside, is one that many parents remember forever.

Tragically, for some parents, there is fear of judgement and shame that accompanies such a moment. These are the parents of beautiful, miraculous premature babies.

But a brand new app developed by BabyLove, in collaboration with Miracle Babies Foundation and Baby Pics, provides a meaningful and touching way for parents to share images of their precious little angels that they can be proud of.

Capturing your little miracle moment

Premmie Proud is a new feature of the popular Baby Pics app, an image editor that lets parents edit photos and add sweet words and illustrations. The new #premmieproud range includes new beautifully designed text overlays that celebrate premmie milestones.

“We wanted to make sure these designs support the mums and dads and really help them celebrate the moments that only they get to experience,” says one of the app’s designers.

Supporting #premmieproud parents

We love the heart behind this app, and can’t wait to see how parents of premmies use it to share their baby announcements with the world.

And if you see a parent of a premature baby bravely sharing their #premmieproud pics, get behind them, support them and give them a fist pump.

Let’s celebrate these beautiful little miracles together.

You can download the Baby Pics app (with Premmie Proud announcement overlays) here.

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