Anne-Claire Petite – charming handmade children’s toys


These exquisite handmade toys are out-of-this world beautiful and a sure-fire hit with kids and adults alike.

The phrase “everything old is new again” perfectly describes the current resurgence in crocheted and knitted children’s toys and garments. As a writer for Babyology I see many things come and go, but the seemingly insatiable desire for children’s items that throwback to the good ol’ days is an overwhelming theme in many posts I’ve written of late. These beautiful toys fit very nicely into the classic category, and as we all know, classic never goes out of style.


These charming toys are created by Holland-based  designer Anne-Claire Petit, and are made to traditional handiwork techniques in Asia. They’re free of chemical ingredients and are made from natural ingredients like ecologically grown cotton.


Among the best sellers in the range are the Mushroom Pouffes. They stand at forty centimetres high and are perfect seats for a small child’s imaginary secret garden. They cost CAD$170.


I adore the animal heads in the range. They’re a gorgeous decorator item for a nursery wall and come in a few different designs, including the giraffe above, which is CAD$165.

peekaboo4, toy dachshund

There’s also a menagerie of gorgeous animals in the range, including several dachshunds for CAD$40. The range is available from Peek-a-Boo Natural Toys & Accessories, which ships to Australia by arrangement.


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