Anita’s five favourite posts

‘Tis a cruel, cruel thing when we’re asked, as Babyology writers, to choose which of our posts from the past 12 months are our favourites. I’ve had such a diverse pool of amazing posts to delve into – including some of the most intriguing parenting-related news stories and studies. And here are my top five…


I have to give a big thumbs up to One Sonny Day – which has gone from strength to strength since our post earlier this year. In fact, Colleen – the mum behind the personalised artwork, had to actually close her books after our post, because she was inundated with orders. No wonder, her artistry is impeccable – and in case you’re wondering, she’ll be taking bookings again in October.


I do love a good photography project, and Strong is the New Pretty is a ripper. The power that can be projected through a still image of a child is incredible – particularly when it’s bucking stereotypes.


While we’re on the topic of photo projects, here’s another that makes my top five. It’s a brilliant series of photos taken by a father, to raise awareness of Down Syndrome. It’s everything that is good about Photoshop.


Clever products that make life easier as a mum are always high on my list of favourite things, and therefore are bound to feature in my top posts. The Puj PhillUp cup was a Kickstarter campaign when I wrote about it January. It’s now in production, which will result in a virtual high-five from all parents sick of fetching a cup each time their child is thirsty.


I’m all about a good, brewed cup of tea – so while this adorable Shirokuma Tea Bag Holder may be humble, it’s managed to sneak into my top five.

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