And you thought your dad was embarrassing…

Wave at the Bus blog

Wave at the bus blog

When you’re a teenager  isn’t it your dad’s job to be embarrassing? My dad was prone to making inappropriate comments loudly about my friends’ hair, clothes or pretty much anything which would leave me cringing in horror. I can’t imagine how this guy’s son feels when he sees his dad doing this!

Dale Price is a dad of three from Utah. Last year he started dressing up each morning to wave goodbye to his sixteen-year-old son Rain as he got on the school bus.

wave at the bus blog

One hundred and seventy school days later, in a different outfit every day, it’s all documented in a very amusing blog Wave at the Bus. He’s been everything from a bride to Batgirl, not to mention a rabbit, a werewolf, and various celebrtites and cartoon characters. I think it’s hilarious, can you imagine if your dad did that?

Wave at the Bus blog

Not surprisingly, Dale’s now a local celebrity, with his son’s classmates all craning to see what he’ll be wearing every morning. And I’m sure that his son is a teensy bit proud as well as embarassed – what a story to tell for the rest of your life.

Wave at the Bus blog

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