An old favourite gets a new age twist – the iPieces Fishing Game for iPad


Remember that magnetic fishing game – where the fishing poles had a magnet instead of a hook and were used to catch magnet-mouthed fish? An oldie but a goodie – and it’s now been given an ultra-modern update.

Even if you’re not a fan of modern smart devices, your kids probably are. And like it or not, this technology is very much integrated into the modern-day curriculum. One sure-fire way to teach a child anything is to make it fun. So, something like this iPad game is the perfect introduction for little ones – and a clever mix of the real world with the cyber world.


The iPieces Fishing Game uses three dimensional fishing rods, like those that came with the original fishing game most of us have played. The twist is, the fish are in an app. Once iPieces has been purchased for $15.49, the app is free to download. The aim of the game is to catch a fish and drag it to your bucket, without letting it go. But there are hidden dangers, like pike lurking beneath the water’s surface, or grey herons circling overhead.


The iPieces game is designed for two to four players, aged four and over, and is available from MobileZap, It’s also compatible with the iPad Mini.


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