Amber In The Sky Bed – lofty sleeping style!


Ah bedtime. I can hear my three-year-old this very minute, trying everything not to go to sleep. His poor dad reads him two stories at bedtime and still endures tears every night. Perhaps one of these divine Amber In The Sky loft bunk beds would do the trick.

He’s always asking if he can have a ‘top junk bed’ so his little brother can stay in the same room. We’ve got time until this is possible though, which is a good thing given the price of quality beds these days.

Even so, this is one bunk or loft bed that can be in use earlier in your children’s lives. It’s made to be lower (135cm) so those essential goodnight interactions can still happen. And for ease of changing sheets as well.

Austrian designer, Thomas Maitz who heads up the newly-formed Perludi, has simply taken out the cavity usually found underneath the bottom bunk, meaning the mattress sits on the floor. There is a good lot of head room so children can play underneath, and the ladder is built into the frame.

The entire bed is 100 per cent recyclable, contains no glue, and is held together using an innovative combination of European birchwood and Austrian loden (all wool) fabric, both of which are hard-wearing, easily cleaned and environmentally safe. I am trying ever so hard not to imagine this in my son’s room. Once I start though it’s hard to stop, considering what a versatile and uniquely superb piece this is.

Better start saving! It’s Ä2100 plus Ä230 shipping to Australia, from the very fabulous Kids Love Design who stock it in all eight colourways. At least we have the option of getting it here, which is a real rarity in the European furniture world.

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