The amazing working mums doing two very important jobs at once

Strength, determination and balance are three words that spring to mind when looking at these remarkable women who are working two jobs at once – their careers and that of a mother. Returning to work while continuing to breastfeed their babies, a photo series of new mums nursing in their work clothes shows just how powerful women can be.

Striking portraits by Texan photographer Tara Ruby capture a moment in time, mums in the midst of the busiest time of their lives, yet also the most important. Mums from all industries are represented, from the Vegas showgirl to the mother in active service to the stay-at-home mum. Each woman’s job just as arduous as the next but their most important one, being a mum, is usually hidden away from colleagues and disguised by uniforms, make-up and long hours away from home.

tara ruby mum3

It was Tara’s military mum mass breastfeeding shot that first caught our eye and made us proud to be mums. Then came the shot of a mother feeding her baby in her husband’s firefighting uniform, prompting the photographer put a call out for more working mothers through Facebook.

tara ruby mum7

The pictures are now part of the Texan photographer’s Uniformed Breastfeeding portraits.

tara ruby mum6

The series now features an active duty mum tandom nursing her two little boys, a teacher nursing her little girl while sitting on the floor of a local library, a nurse, a costumed showgirl covered in feathers, a cosplay promo character and a mum trying to keep the household together while feeding her baby.

tara ruby mum4

“Even mummies that stay at home with their babies all day work a full time job!” Tara says.

“I’m amazed at the strength of all of the women that I have been able to work with.”

tara ruby mum8

If you’re breastfeeding mum, a working mum, or both, we hear you when you say it isn’t easy. But when this phase is all over, we almost guarantee you’ll miss it. Have a read of our post that will prepare you for all the feelings you’ll experience when your breastfeeding journey comes to an end.

(images via Tara Ruby Photography)



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