Amazing mum unexpectedly delivers her own baby. On the loo!

Tiny newborn baby

A labouring New Zealand mum was very surprised to find herself sitting on the toilet catching her very own baby. The little girl was not keen to wait for the midwife’s arrival and figured her mum would sort things out. Indeed she took it in her stride.

Slow and steady?

Mum-of-three Dior felt the first signs of labour in the very early morning (aka middle of the night!) but was sure that she had many hours, possibly days of contractions ahead. Dior was planning a home birth, so after her midwife popped by to check on her at 7am, she set about the business of slowly getting ready to deliver.

Labour slowed down and contractions stopped, but nevertheless she called her parents-in-law to organise for them to come by and care for her and husband Bevin’s 2-year-old daughter, Cassie.

It was when they arrived that her waters suddenly broke. Dior headed to the bathroom to tidy herself up -and laughingly curse her luck that the almighty gush happened in front of her parents-in-law. Then things went next-level super quickly. 

“My waters continued to trickle out with the immense pressure down there. I was screaming at [Bevin] that the baby was coming repeatedly, while he was comforting me, [and] telling me to breathe,” Dior told BabyCenter.

Call the midwife!

What followed was a lot of panicked barking of instructions to hurry the heck up and call the midwife, get the birthing pool, grab the birthing mat, phone the photographer!

This baby was not going to wait for any of that, however. This little girl preferred a minimalist, mum-only approach when it came to making an entrance.

While Bevin was in another room grabbing birthing equipment, Dior found herself delivering her eager-to-arrive baby, all by herself.

“With one push, out popped her head, and the rest of her body just slid out,” she told BabyCenter.

Better late than never

The midwife arrived moments after this sweet bub was born, and the photographer shortly after. They were greeted with an unexpected, yet lovely sight.

“I sped to this birth only to find this beautiful mumma, sitting on her toilet, breastfeeding her brand new baby girl,” photographer Cassie Emmett of Capturing LIFE Birth Photography wrote, sharing the (gorgeous!) image on her Facebook page.

“She had birthed her moments earlier right there, without assistance from anyone. The midwife arrived very soon after the birth too. Clever mumma huh?” Cassie confirmed.

We’re 100 percent with Cassie. Clever momma indeed!

Huge congratulations to Dior, Bevin and kids on their new arrival!

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