Already been chewed Cookie cutters

ABC stands for ‘Already Been Chewed’, and that’s exactly what makes you do a double take when you first see these
ABC Cookie Cutters.
Has someone really taken a bite out of these gingerbread men and then had the gall to put them back in the tin?
Perhaps it’s a cunning ploy to get people to reject them. I know my toddler has issues with broken biscuits so a set of
these cookie cutters would ensure there’s plenty for mum and dad!

Be a prankster at your next morning tea with friends and send the kids
into a spin. One is headless, one legless and another armless, and
sure to inspire astonishment in young and old. Made from high quality
seamless aluminium,
so no cuts on little hands from sharp egdes.

One set of cutters will
set you back just US$8.95 plus shipping from
Kim and Jason Lemonade Stand.

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