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We took a quick straw poll around the Babyology virtual office, asking what foods each team member just has to have in their pantry for quick family meals or when snack-time strikes – and there was a flurry of activity. Some of us love our organics, others our treats, but we all had something in common – we adore goodies from ALDI. Come and see if your favourites make our list – and of course, let us know your ALDI addictions.

In our house, there’s a mini stampede each week as we all dive for the ALDI catalogue – those Special Buys are the best. We also love seeing what supermarket staples and tasty groceries are new to the shopping menu. However, there’s a lot to be said for family favourites, and ALDI devotees all have their prized selections that make it into the trolley week in and week out. Here are Babyology’s favourites (and in the interest of research, I decided to try out a few of the faves – always happy to take one for the team!).

aldi 2


Our sub-editor extraordinaire has revealed a rather sweet tooth when detailing the ALDI delicacies she indulges in, it’s biscuits all the way! Her morning tea staples include Belmont Biscuit Co. Shortbread Fingers (just $1.79!) and Belmont Biscuit Co. Palazzo Cookies in Dark Choc ($1.99 – and they also come in Milk Choc and White Choc, pictured below). “I buy them and tell the kids they’re for ‘when we have guests’,” Leah says. “It worked for a while, but they’re onto me now.” Leah also adores the Dominion Naturals Original Licorice Twists ($1.89) – and says they keep well in the glovebox of your car, on the off chance you have hidden them there to stop yourself eating them all at once.

aldi 3


Babyology’s resident foodie Lexi lives some distance from her nearest ALDI, but her kids get to stock up on their favourite Belmont Biscuit Co. Teddy Tots ($2.69) thanks to her mother-in-law. Also added to the long-distance shopping list is Di San Pre Wash Stain Remover ($1.39), which Lexi swears by. “My boys aren’t the cleanest kids around and I hate to think what their wardrobes would look like without this gem,” she says.


It seems a sweet treat isn’t just the realm of our editorial team, with Babyology’s queen of the interwebs, Social Media Manager Marcelle telling us her most-adored ALDI product is the Damora Milk Chocolate Rice Cakes ($2.99 – and which you can also buy in Dark Choc and Yoghurt flavours). But she tells us there is a downside. “You can’t eat just one,” Marcelle says. “They’re so moreish I have to be really careful not to eat the whole pack!”


Sales Manager Laina has shown her affinity for all things dairy at ALDI – listing the Just Organic Full Cream Milk ($1.99), Natural Yogurt ($5.49) and Salted Butter ($3.29) as her kitchen must-haves. “My toddler is big on dairy and I like that I can give them organic dairy at a price that’s really incredibly cheap,” she says. More money left for those rice cakes, we say!

aldi products



Our Project Manager Kacy prefers a stroll down the more savoury side of the shopping aisle at ALDI – making sure she’s always well-stocked with Damora Mini Brown Rice Cakes ($3.99) and a tub of Deli Originals Hommus Dip ($1.79). “It’s healthy, which is important for me, and the tiny rice cakes are cute, which is important when you’re a kid,” Kacy says. We hear ya!


Fellow Project Manager Anjee also loves ALDI’s organic yoghurt and Just Organic Firm Tofu ($2.99). For an easy, sure-fire winning dinner – you know, the ones you need when that work meeting runs late or when you’re just too tired to cook – Anjee says she’s always stocked up with ALDI’s Casa Barelli Stone Baked Spinach Pizza ($3.99).

aldi chicken


I do love cooking, but during the week things need to be quick and easy, particularly when working around after-school commitments. A swimming night staple is a Brannan’s Butchery Marinated Split Chicken ($7.99 per kg) and a tub of Vietnamese Fried Rice (which you can find in the refrigerated section at ALDI for $4.99) . For around $15, you’ve got a balanced family meal on the table – and because it’s butterflied, the chicken is super quick to cook. The fried rice is delicious, and the big point of difference is the Chinese sausage throughout. That burst of sweet flavour is a game-changer. My boys usually eat early, before they go to swimming, so later on when we get home I simply shred some of the chicken and stir it through the rice, and hey presto – dinner is served for the adults. Who needs takeaway? Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Now you know our ALDI addictions – we’d love to know yours. Tell us what sumptuous delights, or brilliant products from ALDI you can’t be without – we’re always keen to add more to our list of ALDI favourites!

(This is a sponsored post for ALDI)

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