Album Di Famiglia – Pepe Booties to envelope new teeny feet


Italian label
Album Di Famiglia
makes clothes for babies that are so muted, so soft, and
so sweet, you’ll never want to put baby down. Never brash or loud, the
apparel must be as soothing to a newborn’s skin as they are to
the eye. Each time I have brought a new baby home, my first instinct is
for their clothing and footwear to be as unobstrusive as
possible as they adjust to the strange new world they have just come
into. I refrain from wearing perfumes and keep the environment as
pure to the ears, nose and eyes as possible. Things get a bit more rock
n roll after the 6 week mark, but there’s nothing quite like a
new baby in soft hues and fabrics.

For Autumn, Winter and Springtime babies, cotton socks may not be enough to keep tiny toes and feet warm. These gorgeous
Pepe Booties will
envelope their vulnerable extremities in second-to-none softness with
lush tones of blackcurrant, strawberry and brown. Made from a
cotton, flannel and acrylic blend, they also have a small button loop so
that they stay put on your baby’s feet.
No more retracing your steps to find that precious lost bootie!

Pepe Booties are available from
Little Fashion Gallery, who also stock
a wide range of Album Di Famiglia
You can dress your baby
in head to toe co-ordinating pieces, or mix it up a bit with
contrasting colour choices. Booties are €45, with clothing starting
€45, plus shipping. I just love the chic packaging!


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