Akanbe Felt Bag – it transforms into a mat!


Now here’s something that will capture the attention of even the most
jaded design-o-phile. It’s a bag which unfolds to become a mat – great for plonking baby down on while you’re out, and handy for carting
around his toys so you get in that cuppa and chat without too many demands from baby.

Akanbe Bag
is a happy travel companion, adorned with smiley faces at each corner that double as handles when you fold it up. Toys go in the middle so you
can fold them neatly into the body of the bag. When baby is grown, use it for picnics, a groovy floormat in the bedroom, a magazine holder, or receptacle for disguising mess when impromptu visitors call in.

I think the price is great considering the Akanbe’s possible uses and the quality of its design. It measures about 100 x 100cm, so plenty of room for a baby with toys in tow. It may also protect little people from
the bumps and bruises they inevitably suffer once they become mobile; those with hard floors will especially appreciate the spongy texture.

My First Room for $130
plus post.

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