Adorable video as orangutan kisses pregnant woman’s belly

It doesn’t get much more naaw than this 47-year-old orangutan planting a couple of smooches on the pregnant belly of a zoo visitor. Consider it your daily dose of adorable.

According to Britain’s Colchester Zoo, Rajang is the zoo’s most recognised and favourite resident, and was hand-reared by keepers after his mother died when he was just a month old.

This beautiful ape was visited by Maisie Knight, who is 37 weeks pregnant. When she happened upon Rajang’s enclosure, she pressed her belly to the glass, and the gentle giant gives it a loving peck. Take a look at the footage recorded by Maisie’s partner Jamie Clarke, below.

How amazing is that?! We love how Rajang doesn’t bat an eyelid when offered a second opportunity to plant a kiss on the pregnant belly… what a beautiful creature.

(via Babble)

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