Adorable preschooler gives up first place in race to hug his dad instead

Imoh Umoren

Love was the prize in this emotional running race that saw a 2-year-old boy give up the lead in favour of a speedy snuggle with his beloved daddy.

“Won my heart”

“My son finished 4th in the race because instead of running across the finish line he ran to hug me. Ah well won my heart,” proud dad Imoh Umoren wrote on Twitter, underneath a shot of his winning-at-life son.


Stop. So cute.

The Nigerian-based, film director dad said his little boy – also called Imoh – was used to running tandem-style.

“I would run along [with] him in the front yard,” Imoh explained to ABC News.

“Of course I would always let him win and when it got to the main event he assumed it was going to be the same thing.”

Disappointingly, it was not the daddy-kiddo type of race on this particular day. Imoh said his little guy “was upset” when he realised his dad wouldn’t be his running partner this time.

It’s okay though, because young Imoh’s frown was turned totally upside-down when he saw his dad in the crowd of proud parent spectators.

“Spotting me, he was overjoyed and ran to me,” Imoh said, giggling that the concept of a competitive race may have been lost on his affectionate son.


Love is the prize

“I think part of it may be that he always ran into my arms while we were doing our little training at home,” he told The Huffington Post.

“But he’s a bit of a hugger, and maybe to him, that is a natural ending to a race: run into daddy’s arms.”

Little Imoh apparently rejoined the race after a bit of encouragement – and extra snuggling – from his dad.

He still managed to take fourth place – and secured third in a later event. This proud dad thinks those more “official” accolades are just the icing on the cake.

“[Imoh’s hug] showed me that sometimes love is actually the prize,” (big) Imoh said!



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