Adorable photos show what happens when you leave your kids with a child-free friend

When Fern Smooch agreed to babysit so her friend could enjoy some time out with her partner, she wasn’t too sure what to expect. So she brought along a camera to capture just what went on behind the scenes. And we’re absolutely loving the hilarious accuracy of what she discovered.

Fern doesn’t have kids of her own. But being an awesome friend, she decided to give it a go and take care of these three adorable toddlers.

“I have no idea what I’m doing,” Fern confesses. “I had a pet fish a long time ago. I guess that’s enough qualification to watch the kids.”

childfree babysit2

So just what did the threesome get up to while Mum and Dad were away?

Fern manages to capture with hilarious clarity just what it’s like being left alone in a house with three rowdy children as the trio are photographed climbing up the fridge and hiding in the washing machine.
child free babysit3

The nappy clad kids are clearly having a great time as they cheekily smile for the camera and get up to all sorts of mischief.

childfree babysit5

What a beautiful surprise to come home to after a day away with your partner – three happy clean kids and a photo album of adorable memories to cherish.

child free babysit4

If you have a child-free aunt or honorary auntie who loves your children to the moon and back, then make sure you share our Aunties are amazing…here are eight reasons why post with them. And perhaps next time she comes around to watch the kids for you, tell her to bring a camera.

(via Bored Panda)

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