Adorable family of rescue pets gets new human addition they love to bits!

Baby Bogg and pets

When Kasey Boggs was pregnant with her first child, she could not have known the eager reception her fur (and feather!) babies would give their little boy.

Respected and loved

Little Sonny Boggs arrived on Christmas Eve last year, a “Christmas miracle” for his family.

Kasey told Bored Panda that her rescue pets – Roxy the cat, dogs Edith, Mia, Rose, Jake and ducks Donald and Gertrude – had been awaiting baby Sonny’s arrival and were more accepting, protective and gentle than she could ever have anticipated.

“When we brought Sonny home, I felt like they were expecting him. From the minute we have brought Sonny home, they have respected him and loved him as one of their own,” Kasey said.

Special connection

Kasey’s pup Roxy – the first rescue pet they adopted – has bonded more closely with Sonny than the other pets.

“I think Sonny has impacted Roxy the most. [She] has experienced a lot of big milestones with me, right by my side. She knows how important this one is and really shows that,” the new mum explained.

Kasey and her husband Blake had long documented life with their gang of rescue pets on Instagram, recently delighting their followers with this new addition – a human brother for the fluffy gang.


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Mr ☀️man and his crew

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In it together

Kasey’s pets are apparently so bonded, they’re rarely keen to take solo shots, preferring to be photographed in their many-specied pack.

“Whenever I have to take a pic of two or three of them, I put the others in a different room. If I try to do it in front of them, they will come together, because they are so used to being together,” Kasey told pet blog, Barkpost back in June.

It seems that a baby boy was just the addition the Bogg family needed to put the icing on the cake!


Mia confirms her almost-twin status

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Two hand holding peas in a pod ❤❤

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The snuggle is indeed very, very real

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Snugs and smiles ❤

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Naptime supervisor reporting for duty

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So many snuggles on this cold afternoon 💙

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Sonny’s image consultants are in the house

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When your sibs try and match you…

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Pet safe

Images like this often spark discussions about children’s safety around pets.

The RSPCA reminds parents to introduce pets and new babies patiently and slowly.

They also stress that parents should never leave their child alone with a pet, no matter how gentle they are and that all interactions between pets and small children should be under supervision.

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