Adorable designer toys by Ooh Noo

It is no secret that here at Babyology we adore unique toys that steer clear of the mass-produced plastic aesthetic so easy to find in department stores. If this is you as well, you will love these award winning and stylish toys from Ooh Noo.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and, like many great designs that we feature here at Babyology, the ideas and designs behind Ooh Noo came from a mother who became an ‘inventor’, wanting the best in bedding and toys for her children.

ooh noo stick

The toys from Ooh Noo really stand out from the cookie-cutter toys that too often end up cluttering our houses. Stylish, unisex and great for fun and imaginative play. The racing animals ‘on a stick’ include a Cowboy Horse, Mary’s Little Lamb, Mr Crocodile and a racing snail. They are an awesome variation on the hobby horse, with a blackboard head on which your child can use their creative flair to add unique features. Each one will set you back €56.

ooh noo googy rocking horse

If you’re looking for a twist on the rocking horse, and an heirloom piece to be handed down, look no further than the Googy Rocking Horse. While not strictly a horse, it is soft and appealing, very well cushioned, sturdy and extremely difficult to overturn, and all its surfaces are well rounded. The Googy Rocking Horse comes in two sizes and is priced from €237.


For children who love craft and construction, the cardboard creatures would make a great Christmas gift. The set contains cardboard, glue and self-adhesive foil. Once the boxes are built, they can be used to create seven different display worthy  creatures, including a robot, a piglet or a dog.

Ooh Noo are based in Slovenia but offer worldwide shipping, so while you’re browsing be sure to check out their lovely kids’ bedding range as well.

Libby Smith

Libby Smith

Libby lives in Sydney with her husband, three children (plus one on the way) and dog. In a former life, she was a high school English and history teacher who loved going out for breakfast and spending holidays reading book after book. These days, Libby spends her time kid-wrangling, catching quiet moments with a coffee, trying to avoid taking the kids to the shops and, when time allows, getting lost in a good book or a spot of crochet.

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