Adorable! Baby shows very timid dog that life’s not so scary after all

Evan and Weezy the dog

This rescue greyhound spent her days feeling very, very worried, until her humans had a baby and she realised that the world was okay! Now they’re BFFs!

This post almost needs a content warning because it’s incredibly adorable.

Rough start to life

In a beautiful tale of triumph over adversity, a timid Italian greyhound is feeling much better about her place in the world, and it’s all thanks to a very friendly baby.

Weezie the rescue pup had a rough start in life, and was pretty worried about navigating most days. She was dropped off at an Alberta animal shelter and was terrified of most things: people, toys, flies.

Previously neglected, the sweet dog had all but two teeth removed (allowing for her floppy tongued look). She spent her days shaking and trying to fade into the background, being as quiet as she possibly could.

Weezie was adopted by a family, but sadly returned to the shelter the very next day because of her timid temperament.

Poor puppy could not cut a break.

To the rescue

Sarah Mavro heard Weezie’s story and knew she had to help.

She drove two hours to the shelter to adopt the adorable but very frightened pup.

She then set about making Weezie feel as loved and reassured as she could, allowing her plenty of room to adjust in her own time, and just be her gentle doggy self.

“She loves to cuddle under the blanket with us, and has a nightly ritual of watching my husband play video games in the basement by the fireplace,” Sarah told the Dodo.

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Friends till the end

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Slow and steady

It took poor Weezie three whole years of patient love and care before she felt safe and secure enough to even bark.

Then, when Sarah and her husband welcomed a baby – their now-7-month-old, Evan – Weezie really started to find her place in the family. She’d apparently needed this big sister role to feel fulfilled!

Sarah said Weezie and baby Evan became firm friends, pretty much instantly, and the couple have delighted in watching their relationship develop.

“He is 7 months old now and she loves him even more than she loves us I think!” Sarah laughed.

“She will climb right up beside him and let him get all over her.”

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Weasel: watcher of babies

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“We adore her”

Weezie’s not completely out of the woods when it comes to her shyness, but the family love and accept her just the way she is.

“She is still timid, especially with strangers, and very quiet,” Sarah said.

“She is … odd. We adore her, and she fits in with our odd family.”

Naw! What a sweet gang!

Thank to Sarah for sharing her family’s story.


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