Adorable 3-year-old dresses up as female icons for the BEST reason

Little Scout Larson loves playing dress ups as much as the next kid, but this 3-year-old’s amazing Instagram photo shoots are for a reason that will touch your heart. 

Women are fighters!

Scout and her mum Alison have been through a bit in Scout short three years. After Scout’s grandmother, ‘Nonnie’, was diagnosed with cancer and lost her hair during treatment for her illness, little Scout became very concerned. So her mum Alison decided she had to do something to help her little girl cope with the worry she was feeling. 

“I wanted to put both of our minds at ease,” Alison explained to Bored Panda. “I needed to teach her and remind myself that women are fighters! We chose famous and fierce women to teach her about the strength that women have.”

A project is born

For almost a year – the duration of Nonnie’s treatment and recovery from a double mastectomy – Alison and Scout chose female idols to emulate in a series of amazing photo shoots which they shared on their Instagram account, hello.scout.

From Meryl Streep and Adele, to Frida Kahlo and Emma Watson, Alison chose fierce female role models with strong feminist messages in an effort to teach her daughter about a woman’s strength and power.

Since starting the project, they have amassed an Instagram following of over 45,000, sharing their photos with the hashtag #scoutstolemystyle. It may help that little Scout is utterly adorable! 

A way to cope

Alison says the project has helped both her and Scout cope in what was a very stressful and scary time. 

“The entire project was such a godsend for Scout and myself,” Alison says. “This project has probably taught me just as much or more than it taught my daughter,” she says. “I truly want Scout to be able to look back at this and know that women are just as strong as any man.”

Happily, Nonnie has won her fight with cancer and is on the road to a full recovery. Their final shoot in the series was not only touching, but entirely fitting:

Yay, Nonnie! 

And kudos to Alison for finding the perfect way to teach all girls just how strong and fierce they, and any woman, can be. 

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